He was born in Shimizu City (now Shimizu Ward, Shizuoka City) and spent his high school years in an environment surrounded by nature. After graduating from high school, his love of living creatures led him to study life science at the University of Tokyo, where he earned his Ph.D. After starting work, he shifted his focus to creating Web content, hoping to express the wonder of living creatures. Although he worked on various contents, not limited to life science, he did not get the expected results. However, after developing know-how in data analysis of contents and presenting it at a Python study group in Shizuoka, he was able to reconnect with the world of life science and is now developing databases and tools for data analysis in life science. He enjoys fishing.


He lived in Ito City until junior high school and then moved to a dormitory of high school. He went on to study at the Tokyo University of Science, but after a year or so, his parents stopped sending money, and he had to earn money to pay for school and living expenses. After managing to graduate in 6 years, he spent five years working as an information system engineer for a company, using his knowledge in school, then worked as a freelance engineer for 2 years to work on development. After returning to work as a salaried employee, he was invited to become an infrastructure engineer by a resident company. A few years after changing the job, he switched back to being a developer. Currently, he is developing systems with high-performance requirements, making use of his knowledge of DB tuning. His hobbies include traveling, touring, and playing the drums.